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Welcome To Taproot

Welcome to Taproot

Taproot Behavioural Consulting is a boutique consulting firm, founded in 2023 by Ashley Kingston and Amanda Saulnier. We are based in New Brunswick, Canada (Atlantic time zone). Our mission is to use behavioural science to empower individuals with significant needs and the people who support them. Our vision is a life of purpose, wellbeing, and connection for all. We provide an effective and compassionate consultation service. Our approach is trauma-informed and prioritizes safety, collaboration, and meaningful goals.

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We provide services in both English and French. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and services!

Amanda Saulnier

Meet Amanda, a passionate leader, clinician, and learning & development specialist with over 16 years of experience in behaviour analysis. Amanda has a Master's of Education and is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). Through mentorship from FTF Behavioral Consulting, Amanda obtained a Level 6 credential to supervise and train others in the Practical Functional Assessment and Skill-Based Treatment (PFA & SBT). She works directly with clients and has also supported many teams to achieve meaningful outcomes with this process. Amanda is a fierce advocate for neurodiversity and is dedicated to promoting compassionate and assent-based care. Her current focus is on creating high-quality professional development programs and resources, and disseminating compassionate and effective clinical practices based on the latest research. Her other areas of interest and skill include instructional design, project management, and change management. She is a skilled workshop facilitator and speaker and has presented at numerous conferences. She's known for her creative problem-solving skills and love of a good graph.

Ashley Kingston

Meet Ashley, a highly accomplished and experienced Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) with over 14 years in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Ashley has a passion for driving meaningful positive change in the lives of clients and professionals alike. Ashley leads with an enthusiasm and passion for the growth and development of learners and professionals. Her exceptional abilities in developing, mentoring others have led her to become a sought-after coach and learning and development specialist in the ABA community. With her Master’s of Education, Ashley’s expertise is further enhanced through the mentoring she received from Dr. Theresa Fiani and Dr. Tony Camilleri (FTF Behavioural Consulting) and she now holds her level 6 credential in Practical functional assessment and Skills based treatment (PFA&SBT) and has supported many professionals to achieve competency with implementing PFA& SBT for learners with complex needs including dangerous and severe problem behaviour. 

Ashley’s facilitation style is characterized by guiding teams to discover solutions collaboratively, emphasizing empowerment for both professionals and learners. She has experience managing large teams and supporting them through complex change. Ashley is committed to dissemination of best practices from a trauma assumed lens and has spoken at various conferences.

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