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Services for Professionals & Families

Taproot Behavioural Consulting provides services for both professionals and families. Check out below for more information.

Our Services

For Professionals

PFA & SBT Mentorship Program and Design Sessions

This program is for those seeking support in treating severe problem behavior using the Practical Functional Assessment (PFA) and Skill Based Treatment (SBT) procedure. 

In the mentorship program, you will learn from a highly trained BCBA mentor with a Level 6 credential in SBT and PFA. *Inquire about group cohorts. With this option, you will also connect with others in your group  and benefit from additional learning via multiple exemplars.

This program includes:

  • 2-hour design sessions for the IISCA
  • 1-hour branch design sessions
  • 2-hour IISCA and treatment implementation
  • 8 mentoring meetings for treatment support in the form of a live online bi-weekly meeting either one-on-one or with a cohort of peers

Participants are required to have foundational knowledge of PFA&SBT gained through an intro level workshop, and client consent for videos and data to be shared within the cohort. 

To learn more about PFA & SBT

Design Sessions: Branches and Generalization & Maintenance

We offer 1-hour branch design sessions and generalization & maintenance design sessions. Participants must have previously completed a course on generalization & maintenance for SBT to participate in the generalization & maintenance sessions.

Individualized Consultation

We offer a quick clinical consult option for problem-solving assistance for PFA&SBT and Universal Protocols.

Learning and Development Strategy for Organizations

As experienced learning & development specialists, we can help your organization plan for a roll-out or scale-up of Today’s ABA approach,  or create a sustainable professional development plan for your clinical team. Contact us for an initial free consultation.


We provide professional development presentations on a variety of topics individualized for your organization. Contact us to learn more!

For Families

Treatment for Problem Behaviour

Families may experience stress and frustration when children engage in challenging behaviours whether they are mild or very serious. Let us help you! It is completely possible to live a life free of these problems! We can help to address behavioural challenges by teaching you how to set your child and family up for success, how to respond in tricky situations, and how to teach your child new adaptive skills to replace behaviours of concern. This treatment involves a thorough assessment, the development of an individualized plan, and support to families as they implement the plan.

Treatment for Sleep Issues

Sleep is so important! Nobody is at their best when someone in the household has dysregulated sleep. We can work with you to individualize a sleep treatment plan for you or your child that takes into consideration the child’s biological needs as well as your family’s routine and values.

Behavioural Consultation

We are trained BCBAs with many years of experience working with children and families. If you have other treatment needs, please reach out to us and we can discuss whether Taproot is a good fit.