Taproot Behavioural Consulting


Services for Families, Professionals, and Organizations

We provide consultation for individuals with complex needs in a variety of settings and across the lifespan.

Our Services

Treatment For Individuals with Complex Needs

We collaborate with caregivers, human service providers, educational and health professionals to assess the individual, and build a behavioural treatment plan that emphasizes acquisition of new functional skills to replace behaviour(s) of concern.

Our consultants provide coaching to support teams and caregivers to ensure quality implementation, monitoring, and adjustment of treatment plans.

We prioritize building the capacity of the support team to enable ongoing effective and compassionate support of the individual.  

Transition Planning

Planning and teamwork are critical to the success of any transition. Individuals usually require new skills to thrive in their future environment. Our consultants collaborate with the support team and can support collaboration between various service providers. We gather information and assess the fit between the client with their current skill repertoire and the future environment, identify strengths and barriers, and recommend a plan to mitigate any barriers which may include environmental arrangement, additional supports, training for support personnel, and behavioural treatment for the client.

Building Capacity of Teams and Organizations

Taproot consultants are highly experienced in the development and delivery of small and large-scale training programs for organizations. We use evidence-based approaches to building the confidence and competency of employees in educational, health, and human service organizations.

We care about client and employee outcomes. Let us help you identify valid and meaningful measurement systems that allow you to monitor the quality of your behavioural services training program and client progress at an individual or organizational level.

We recognize that embracing new practices is a change. Our consultants are trained and experienced in guiding change projects.

We are excited to support organizations undergo culture shift towards evidence-based and compassionate practices!

Professional Development

Taproot Behavioural Consulting Inc. is an Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) Provider with the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB), and a Continuing Education (CEU) Provider with the International Behavior Analysis Organization (IBAO).

 We provide high quality learning opportunities to behaviour analysts and other helping professionals. We talk about:

 l Compassionate care l Neurodiversity affirming approaches l Treating dangerous behaviour l Practical Functional Assessment and Skill Based Treatment (PFA&SBT) l Selecting and teaching of functional skills l And more!

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